25-27 September 2019

EH 102-103 | BITEC | Bangkok | 10.00 - 17.00 hrs.

Why visiting Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL?

Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL 2018 held during 12-14 September 2018 at BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand, is one of the alternative trade exhibitions and conferences for laboratory technology, biotechnology, chemicals and safety in Southeast Asia, recording 207 exhibitors from 14 countries participating in the exhibition.

Exhibitor Profile

Oversea Exhibitiors


Top 10 Business Sectors

Laboratory Equipment & Microscope
Analytical Equipment & Instruments
Laboratory Testing Service
Laboratory Consumables & Disposables
Microbiological Products
Environmental Analytical & Measuring Instruments
Bio-chemicals & Bio-reagent
Medical Equipment and Devices
Chemical Machinery & Analysis
Chemical Control Apparatus & Instrument
This is really a good expo, which could generate a lot of business opportunities for both buyers and sellers side.
Dr. Win KyaingYe’ Ta Khon General Business Enterprise Co-operative Ltd

It is great opportunity to have scheduled meetings via net working platform as meetings are effective and without wasting time.

Mr. Aye NaingAdvanced Diagnostic Products Trading Company

Product Highlights

Yuyao Jinnuo Balance Instrument Co.,Ltd

Yuyao Jinnuo Balance Instrument Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Shenli Testing Machine Company

Shanghai Shenli Testing Machine Company

Wuhan Servicebio Technology

High quality with competitive price High quality with competitive…

Water Test Co.,Ltd.

Water Test Co.,Ltd.

Legacy chemical brands - VWR Singapore

Legacy chemical brands: - J.T.Baker - Macron - VWR Chemicals -…

a portable process signal calibrator - Unithai Group

Unithai Group Co.,Ltd.   ASC-400 is a portable process…

various glass materials - Sugitoh Optical

Product detail:Polish optical glass of various glass materials.…

Chemicals & Raw Materials - Smart Science

Smart Science Co., Ltd. Glentham Life Sciences is a leading…

Ion Chromatography - Metrohm Siam

New titration system for the modern laboratory: faster analysis,…

3 in 1 Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer- Omega Scientific

3 in 1 Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer Enhanced Real View®…

New MT-B Series Digital Imaging System - Meiji Techno

New MT-B Series Digital Imaging System provides higher work…


FUME HOOD ( ECOLAB BRAND ) - The internal material is ceramic,…

Ecosafe Asia Ltd.

Ecosafe Asia Ltd.  

HI932 Advanced automatic Titrator - Hanna Instruments

HI932 Advanced automatic Titrator is the answer to your advanced…

Laboratory fume hoods - Esco Lifesciences

Laboratory fume hoods are essential devices used to protect…

C.E.Combination Co., Ltd.

C.E.Combination Co., Ltd.

Design Alternative

Design Alternative Co.,Ltd.

Cometech Testing Machine

Cometech Testing Machine Co.,Ltd.  

iQ-Check Vibrio PCR Detection Kit - Bio-Rad Laboratories

Bio-Rad Laboratories (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. The iQ-Check…

Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer - Biometrics Technologies

OneDrop Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer miniLC-80   MiQ-1400   UV…

BIO-RAD - Vibrio PCR

For food testing laboratories in the seafood industry and…

Density Meter DMA Generation M

Density Meter DMATM Generation M density meters measure the…

Burkle - Variety of Lab Equipment

Burkle develops, manufactures and distributes samplers, sampling…

Lab M - Thai-Neo Biotech

  Lab M specializes in the development, manufacture…

Opsis LiquidLINE,Sweden KjelRoc - Protein/Nitrogen Analyzer

Opsis LiquidLINE, Sweden KjelRoc Protein/Nitrogen Analyzer (เครื่องวิเคราะห์โปรตีน/ไนโตรเจนแบบอัตโนมัติ) …

Improving the Economics of the Lab

  Productivity and Efficiency is of top priority…

2019 Floorplan


Exhibitor List

Company Booth No.  Hall Country
AB Sciex (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. H25 EH102 Thailand
Abott Informatics Asia Pacific Limited K39 EH102 China
ACLIRES Bangkok Ltd. BC3 EH104 Thailand
Affinitech Co.,Ltd. K13 EH102 Thailand
Agilent Technologies (Thailand) ltd L27 EH102 Thailand
Ajinomoto Genexine BC4 EH104 Korea
AMFLO B24 EH103 China
Analytical Lab Science Co., Ltd L9 EH102 Thailand
Analytik Jena Far East (Thailand) Ltd. J27 EH102 Thailand
Anton Paar (Thailand) Ltd. H35 EH102 Thailand
APEX Chemical Co.,Ltd. K1 EH102 Thailand
Applied Scientific Instruments Co.,Ltd. F28 EH103 Thailand
Apsalagen Co., Ltd. G30 EH103 Thailand
Agriculture Research Development Agency (ARDA) BF2 EH104 Thailand
ATAGO (THAILAND) Co.,Ltd. D35 EH103 Thailand
Austrianova BC9 EH104 Thailand
Axiva Sichem Pvt. Ltd L26 EH102 India
Axxo Chemicals and Services Co.,Ltd N15 EH102 Thailand
Azcet (Thailand) Co., Ltd. L11 EH102 Thailand
Bang Trading 1992 co.,ltd DE13 EH103 Thailand
Baoding Shenchen Precision Pump Co.,Ltd F37 EH103 Thailand
Bara Scientific Co.,Ltd. HJ7,HJ15 EH102 Thailand
BB Tech & Service Ltd., Part N19 EH102 Thailand
BEC Thai Bangkok Equipment & Chemical Co.,Ltd. D25 EH103 Thailand
Beijing BFRL Analytical Instrument (Group) Co.,Ltd K35 EH102 China
Bio Genetech International Co., Ltd (BGIC) BB1 EH104 Thailand
Bio-Active Co.,Ltd. D1,DE7 EH103 Thailand
Biohall Life Sciences PVT. LTD M33 EH102 India
Biometrics Technologies Co.,ltd BC15 EH103 Taiwan
BioNet-Asia Co., Ltd. BC2 EH104 Thailand
Bio-Rad Laboratories (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. H45 EH102 Singapore
Biosigma S.r.l. BE9 EH104 Italy
BIOTEC a member of NSTDA BF5 EH104 Thailand
BPE Biotree L25 EH102 India
Brandex Directory BF7 EH104 Thailand
BUCHI (Thailand) Ltd. C27 EH103 Thailand
Burkert Singapore Pte Ltd E32 EH103 Singapore
C.E. Instruments (Thailand) Co., Ltd. A11 EH103 Thailand
C.E.Combination Co., Ltd. BC18 EH103 Thailand
CaHC (Thailand) Co,.Ltd. J32 EH102 Thailand
Carl Zeiss Co.,Ltd. J34 EH102 Thailand
Center for Biomedical and Robotics Technology (BARTLAB) BA1 EH104 Thailand
Chakmartin International Ltd. E28 EH103 Thailand
Changsha Kaiyuan Instruments Co., Ltd K43 EH102 China
Charanassociate. Co., Ltd. B14 EH103 Thailand
Charpa Techcenter Co., Ltd. H1 EH102 Thailand
Chatcharee Holding Co.,Ltd. B30 EH103 Thailand
Chemical House & Lab Instrument Co.,Ltd. H32 EH102 Thailand
Chemoscience (Thailand) Co., Ltd E33 EH103 Thailand
Chiang Mai University (CMU) BD4 EH104 Thailand
Chulalongkorn University Intellectual Property (CUIP) BC1 EH104 Thailand
Clinical Diagnostics Ltd., Part K25 EH102 Thailand
COAX Group Co.,ltd N11 EH102 Thailand
Color Global Co., Ltd. E1 EH103 Thailand
Colossal International Co.,Ltd. H13 EH102 Thailand
Cometech Testing Machine Co.,Ltd L35 EH102 Taiwan
Cosmetics and Natural Products Research Center (CosNat) BA8 EH104 Thailand
Cryoviva (Thailand) Co. Ltd. BC8 EH104 Thailand
Department of Livestock Development (DLD) A19 EH103 Thailand
Department of Science Service (DSS) B41 EH103 Thailand
Design Alternative Co.,Ltd M11 EH102 Thailand
DKSH (Thailand) Limited BC7 EH103 Thailand
Duksan E9 EH103 Thailand
DYNA Biotech (Thailand) Co., Ltd. BE4 EH104 Thailand
East & West Analytical Instruments Inc B38 EH103 China
ECOLAB AND SERVICE Co.,Ltd M25 EH102 Thailand
Ecosafe Asia Ltd B29 EH103 Hongkok
Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand C23 EH103 Thailand
Empire Scientifique Co.,Ltd BD11 EH104 Thailand
EOS Scientific B26 EH103 Thailand
Eppendorf (Thailand) Co., Ltd. BC3 EH103 Thailand
Esco Lifesciences (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. L1 EH102 Thailand
Excellence Center for Drug Discovery (ECDD) BA10 EH104 Thailand
F-DGSi H6 EH103 France
Food Focus Magazine C33 EH103 Thailand
Gene Excellence Co.,Ltd. B36 EH102 Thailand
Gene Plus Co., Ltd. BD1 EH104 Thailand
Genstar Technologies Co., Inc E37 EH103 USA
GFL Gesellschaft f.Labortechnik GmbH E12 EH103 Germany
Gibthai Co.,Ltd F1,G1,G11 EH103 Thailand
GISS Marketing Co., Ltd. BF1 EH104 Thailand
Goel Scientific Glass Works Ltd M35 EH102 India
Green Light Clinical Pty Ltd F42 EH103 Australia
Green World BF6 EH104 Thailand
Hanna Instruments (Thailand) .Ltd E24 EH103 Thailand
Harikul Science Co.,Ltd A8 EH103 Thailand
Hettich Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. BF10 EH104 Singapore
Himmel Scientific Instrument Co.,Ltd K3 EH102 China
Hindustan Platinum Pvt. Ltd L17 EH102 India
Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization (HKBIO) BB9 EH104 Hongkong
I Rich Performance Cp.,Ltd BE1 EH104 Thailand
Ilab Fluid Control Co.,Ltd. B19 EH103 Thailand
India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) L19 EH102 India
Institute of Food Research and Product Development (IFRPD) G37 EH103 Thailand
Instrument Asia H5 EH102 Thailand
InTec PRODUCTS,INC. F39 EH103 China
International Labmate Limited G35 EH103 UK
Interscience Co., Ltd. K16 EH102 Singapore
Intro Enterprise co. ltd N13 EH102 Thailand
Italian Trade Agency BE7 EH104 Italy
Its (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. F31 EH103 Thailand
Japan Analytical Instruments Manufacturers’ Association (JAIMA) K46 EH102 Japan
Jebsen & Jessen Technology (T) LTD. D39 EH103 Thailand
K.K. Scientific Co.,Ltd. A4 EH103 Thailand
Kanto Chemical Co., Inc L37 EH102 Japan
Kasetsart university Food Innovation Research and Services in Thailand (KU-FIRST) F40 EH103 Thailand
Kett Electriv Laboratory K45 EH102 Japan
Kikoman Biochemifa Company C31 EH103 Thailand
King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) BA3 EH104 Thailand
Kinn Worldwide Co., Ltd. BC12 EH104 Thailand
Korea Digital Co.,Ltd C20 EH103 Korea
Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) BC15 EH104 Korea
Krisada Laboratory Company Limited E38 EH103 Thailand
Lab Expert co. ltd BC15 EH103 Thailand
Lab Leader Co.,Ltd G1 EH103 Thailand
Labepedia BF8 EH104 India
Labgaz (Thailand) Co., Ltd. J37 EH102 Thailand
Labquip (Thailand) Limited. E22 EH103 Thailand
LabWare Asia Pacific H3 EH102 Thailand
Lap Manage B31 EH103 Thailand
Leco Instruments (Thailand) Co., Ltd. H31 EH102 Thailand
Lesoshoppe (Thailand) Co., Ltd. M9 EH102 Thailand
Lighthouse Worldwide Solution Ltd. B35 EH103 Thailand
Linhai Tan’s Vacuum Equipment Co.,Ltd BE17 EH104 China
Liquor Distillery Organization K18 EH102 Thailand
LNI Swissgas Pte. Ltd. L36 EH102 Singapore
Materno Co., Ltd. N3 EH102 Thailand
Mecmesin Asia Co., Ltd. N5 EH102 Thailand
Media Mater (INNOLAB Magazine) L38 EH102 Thailand
Meditop Co.,Ltd B1 EH103 Thailand
Meiji Techno Co., Ltd. C35 EH103 Japan
Merck Ltd. M21 EH102 Thailand
Metrohm Siam Ltd. M17 EH102 Thailand
Metrology Society of Thailand (MST) L34 EH103 Thailand
Mettler-Toledo (Thailand) .Ltd F17 EH103 Thailand
Microbioz India N18 EH102 India
MIT Technology Co., Ltd. M28 EH102 Thailand
N.Y.R. Limited Partnership C37 EH103 Thailand
Nakamura Scientific Instrument Industry Co., Ltd. L33 EH102 Japan
National Biopharmaceutical Facility (NBF) BB1 EH104 Thailand
National Food Institute (NFI) G40 EH103 Thailand
National Institute of Metrology (NIMT) L32 EH103 Thailand
National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) BF3 EH104 Thailand
Neo Power Tech Co.Ltd C18 EH103 Korea
NEXBIO (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. F22 EH103 Thailand
Novogene AIT Genomics Singapore Pte Ltd BC10 EH104 Singapore
Official Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. KL19 EH102 Thailand
Omega Scientific Pte Ltd G27 EH103 Singapore
Oskon Co.,Ltd. G36 EH103 Thailand
PCL Holding Co., Ltd. E3 EH103 Thailand
PerkinElmer Ltd. G21 EH103 Thailand
Petro-Instruments Corp. Ltd A6 EH103 Thailand
Pfizer (Thailand) Limited BC11 EH104 Thailand
Phoenix Scientific Co., Ltd. G31 EH103 Thailand
Pornpankorn Scientific Stainless Co.,Ltd. A9 EH103 Thailand
Prima Scientific Co.,Ltd. D36 EH103 Thailand
Prince of Songkla University (PSU) BA2 EH104 Thailand
Pro Test Kit Co., Ltd. B13 EH103 Thailand
Professional Vacuum Partners Co., Ltd. M27 EH102 Thailand
Protronics Intertrade Co., Ltd. F35 EH103 Thailand
PT. Smart Lab Indonesia N4 EH102 Indonesia
Pulse Science Co.,Ltd. H41 EH102 Thailand
Puresys Co.,Ltd. C22 EH103 Korea
Rayong Gas Separation Plant. E27 EH103 Thailand
Rieckemann (Thailand) Co.,Ltd D42 EH103 Thailand
Romer Labs Singapore Pte Ltd E23 EH103 Singapore
Rotarex Far East Pte Ltd C24 EH103 Singapore
S.N.P. Scientific Co.,Ltd. N1 EH102 Thailand
Saengvith 2000 Co., Ltd. L12 EH102 Thailand
Saengvith Science Co.,Ltd. J1 EH102 Thailand
Samchun Pure Chemical Co., Ltd. C17 EH103 Korea
Sarstedt Ag & Co.Kg D45 EH103 Germany
Sartorious (Thailand) Co.,Ltd G17 EH103 Thailand
Science and Technology Trade Association (STTA) B44 EH103 Thailand
Science Engineer International Co.,ltd H14 EH102 Thailand
Science Integration Co.,Ltd L10 EH102 Thailand
Science Tech Co,.Ltd DE19 EH103 Thailand
Serve Science Co.,Ltd. A17 EH103 Thailand
Shanghai Jenco Instrument Co.,Ltd A14 EH103 China
Shanghai Lu Xiangyi Centrifuge Instrument Co.,Ltd D44 EH103 China
Shanghai Metash Instrument Co.,Ltd BE19 EH104 China
Shanghai Shenli Testing Machine Company G39 EH103 China
Shanghai Transcend K44 EH102 China
Shenzhen Wanic Testing Machine Co.,Ltd K40 EH102 China
Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd F27 EH103 Singapore
Showa Denko Singapore Pte Ltd. H4 EH102 Singapore
Sithiporn Associates Co., Ltd. KL7 EH102 Thailand
Smart Science Co., Ltd. A16 EH103 Thailand
SoTax Asia H16 EH102 Thailand
Southeast Asia-Europe Joint Funding Scheme for Research and Innovation (JFS) BB5 EH104 Thailand
Spacemed Co., Ltd. BD12 EH104 Thailand
SPC RT CO., LTD. HJ19 EH102 Thailand
Specac Limited E21 EH103 UK
Spectrum Scientific Co.,Ltd E31 EH103 Thailand
SPT Instrument Co.,Ltd. N6 EH102 Thailand
SS Bio Analytics L21 EH102 India
Startup Pavilion BB17 EH104 Thailand
Sugitoh Optical (Thailand)Co,Ltd B17 EH103 Thailand
Sujipuri Technology Co.,Ltd F41 EH103 Thailand
Suranaree University of Technology (SUT) BA5 EH104 Thailand
Syntech Innovation Co., Ltd L14 EH102 Thailand
Taiwan Bio Industry Organization (TBIO) BB12 EH104 Taiwan
Tech Quality Co., Ltd N16 EH102 Thailand
Techcomp (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. E17 EH103 Thailand
Technology Management Center (TMC) BA6 EH104 Thailand
TEQ co.,ltd H39 EH102 Thailand
Thai Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians (TAVLD) A18 EH103 Thailand
Thai Scale Company Limited H40 EH102 Thailand
Thai Unique co.,ltd C32 EH103 Thailand
Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) BA9 EH104 Thailand
Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences (TCELS) BC19 EH104 Thailand
Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR) B42 EH103 Thailand
Thailand Science Park & EECi BA7 EH104 Thailand
Thai-Neo Biotech Co.,Ltd. E10 EH103 Thailand
Thanes Development Co., Ltd. A1 EH103 Thailand
Thanes Science Co.,Ltd A15 EH103 Thailand
The Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) BB11 EH104 Spain
The Thai Association for Biotech Industries (ThaiBIO Association) BC14 EH104 Thailand
The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) BC7 EH104 Thailand
ThermoFisher Scientific J17 EH102 Thailand
Thomas Baker (Chemicals) Pvt. Ltd L20 EH102 India
Thonburi Hospital BB10 EH104 Thailand
Thonburi Wellbeing Co., Ltd. BB8 EH104 Thailand
Tianjin HengAo Technology Development Co.,Ltd D40 EH103 China
Titan Biotech Ltd M31 EH102 India
TN-Science B16 EH103 Thailand
Tri Solution Co.,Ltd B25 EH103 Thailand
U&V Holding (Thailand) Co., Ltd. C13 EH103 Thailand
U.P. MArketing General Supply.Co,Ltd. M1 EH102 Thailand
ULVAC (Thailand) LTD. G28 EH103 Thailand
Union Intersupply Co., Ltd. K6 EH102 Thailand
Unithai Group Co.,Ltd. A13 EH103 Thailand
Unitywewell Co.,Ltd. F21 EH103 Thailand
VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific Co.,Ltd. B23 EH103 Thailand
VWR Singapore Pte Ltd H44 EH102 Singapore
Water Test Co., Ltd. B33 EH103 Thailand
Watson Marlow Fluid Technology Group M29 EH102 Thailand
Witeg Labortechnik GmbH E11 EH103 Germany
World Discovery BB15 EH104 Canada
Wuhan Servicebio Technology Co., Ltd. K15 EH102 China
Wuzhou OKA Optical Instrument Co.,Ltd BE18 EH104 China
Yancheng Hengxin Foreign Trading Co., Ltd B22 EH103 China
Yothi Medical Innovation District (YMID) BD15 EH104 Thailand
Yuyao Jinnuo Electronic Balance Instrument Co.,Ltd K36 EH102 China
Zest-MED Co.,Ltd. J31 EH102 Thailand
Zhejiang FUXIA Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. K41 EH102 China
Zhejiang Lichen Instrument Technology Co.,Ltd K38 EH102 China
Zhejiang Runlab Technology Co.,Ltd BE20 EH104 China
3 Smg Events Pvt Ltd M36 EH102 India
3A Instrument Co., Ltd H42 EH102 Thailand


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Your benefit

And Connect businesses campaign for trade group leader, earn 100 USD per trade visitor when achieve 3 business matching at exhibition in Thailand
* Remark : Minimum 10pax/group from ASEAN plus Six and BIMSTEC countries.

1. Valid for Federations, Business Trade Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Non- Profit Organizations, MICE travel agents, Industrial Publications from ASEAN plus Six and BIMSTEC countries.
2. Groups of 10 trade visitors that achieve a minimum of 30 business matching meetings will receive a lump sum bonus.
3. Each additional trade visitor must achieve at least 3 business matching meetings to receive the bonus.
4. Each group of trade visitors must stay in Thailand for at least 3 days/ 2 nights.

Connect with TCEB for more information : connectbusinesses@tceb.or.th or www.businesseventsthailand.com

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Hosted Buyer Program

Be our guest!

Are you looking to save time by meeting face-to-face with quality suppliers from the laboratory, life science and chemical equipment and services industry from Thailand and across the globe? Do you have meetings to place in the Thailand and Internationally? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then you’re eligible to apply to be a Hosted Buyer.

Interested buyers could register online. All registrations will be reviewed by the organizer will be notified about their qualified hosting categories and the process of confirmation. The organizer will evaluate registrations weekly and will be identifying successful buyers regularly. There is a limited target for the number of buyers to be hosted and registrations will close once the target number had been achieved. Buyers are highly advised to register as soon as now.

Are you based in another country? If you are a senior level decision maker and place business in Thailand or ASEAN you may be eligible as an International Hosted Buyer and have the opportunity to meet with leading suppliers as well as benefit from complimentary accommodations and other exclusive VIP benefits and networking opportunities

  • VIP Access: 3 VIP – Buyer badges fast track registration in VIP – Buyer counter
    Access to the Buyer lounge on the show floor with refreshments and snacks throughout the day.
  • Accommodation: 2 nights at Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL 2018 official hotel.
  • Networking Functions: Opening Ceremony, Networking Reception and more.
  • Trade Functions: Buyer-Seller Pre-Appointments, Speed Business Matching and Meetings
  • Show Tours: Buyer Concierge person to guide you to the exhibition tour.

Contact chanunrat.kon@vnuexhibitionsap.com to get more information


Simply provide your details and we will get in touch with you.

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