VINALAB attended Thailand LAB 2015: Growth with Quality

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From 9-11 September 2015, at EH105 & EH107, BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand, VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific Co., Ltd (VNUE AP) successfully held the 5th exhibition and conference on scientific and laboratorial equipment & technology – Thailand LAB 2015. Vietnam Association of Testing Laboratories (VinaLAB) attended Thailand LAB 2015 with 26 delegates led by Mr. Nguyen Huu Dung – Secretary General of VinaLAB.

The main objectives of the Exhibition are to stimulate investment and implication in laboratory for various sectors and industries; to present and showcase new lab equipments and technologies; and to build up new knowledge platform and lab community for professionals and management in Asia and Thailand

The Exhibition showed the latest display of laboratory equipment and technologies for the industrial and government sectors: life sciences, bio science, biotechnology, medical technology, clinical laboratory, measurement, management information systems, lab services, chemicals, lab safety, applied biological techniques for food, energy and environment, etc. In addition, Thailand LAB 2015 also held conferences and symposias in parallel with the activities on products exhibition and introduction.

VinaLAB delegation took part in the Opening ceremony, visited exhibition space for lab equipments, communicate and exchange experiences with businesses and visitors in the same field. The Thailand LAB 2015 participation of VinaLAB is an opportunities for VinaLAB members to look up and approach the latest display of lab equipments and technologies; to update development trend and create business opportunity; and to establish relationships with international businesses and professionals.

Thailand LAB 2015 successfully held with 8.800 trade visitors from 40 countries.

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