Safety in Chemical and Biological Laboratories


Safety in Laboratories is extremely important. The Government of Thailand has been
very much concerned by having rules and laws to improved laboratory safety. Naturally there
are competitions particularly in the quality of products which significantly depends on the
quality of laboratories concerned, in order to get greater marketing share. Thus, a laboratory
plays a major role in this aspect of controlling the quality of products as well as the quality of
education, research and development.

Now there is a good opportunity to increase and accentuate safety in your laboratories
since some essential safety training courses have been offered during this coming September,
2018. The Laboratory Safety Foundation; a non-profit organization, with the collaboration of
Neolab International Co., Ltd.; a safe laboratory maker, who creates safe laboratories according
to international standards, have invited Dr.James A. Kaufman, an expert and the Founder of
Laboratory Safety Institute from USA to Thailand, to provide Training Course for “Safety in
Chemical and Biological Laboratories”.

LSI is a very well-known worldwide in laboratory safety. It was established since 1978
and has been recognized internationally as the International Center for Science Safety. It has
been given permission to register as an “Non-profit Educational Organization” No.501(C)3, USA
by the US Government. LSI is professional in Laboratory Safety with so many training courses.
The chosen topics are the most relevant for people in Thailand who work in laboratories.

These courses cover important issues in laboratory safety with the emphasis on
laboratory fire hazard on one of the courses. Even if the knowledge is always true without any
time limitation, but it must be emphasized and stressed again and again. They can be used for
annual refreshment courses as required by laboratory safety requirements.

These courses are for anyone relating to laboratories, such as; laboratory personnel,
safety officers, managers, and laboratory safety trainers, etc. It is a good opportunity to obtain
these international certificates and to be trained by an internationally well-known professional
laboratory safety trainer with these little expenses, since just the registration fees of these
courses in the States are more than 20,000 Baht (Not include travelling and living expenses).


1. To train and develop the participants on laboratory safety to be used in education, research
and development.
2. To refresh the laboratory safety knowledge to the participants annually as mandatory by
laboratory safety requirements.
3. To prolong the lives of both invaluable people and scientific equipment in the laboratory
and increase the efficiency of work in the laboratories.
4. To help in decreasing laboratory accidents of which can ruin reputation of organizations and
business opportunity.
5. To increase profit in the long run for the participants’ organizations.

The suitable Participants

1. Those who are working in the laboratories whether in the Government or private sectors
where there are existing laboratories or planning to build new laboratories.
2. Safety Officers, Laboratory Safety Trainers, Laboratory Managers, Factory Managers, Head of
Laboratories, including Business Owners
3. Organizations or personal who wanted to keep refreshing knowledge on Laboratory Safety.


  • Dr.James A Kaufman in English
  • Dr.Prapaipit Ternai in Thai


08.30 – 9.00 Registration
09.00 – 09.15 Opening Speech by Dr.Phichai Tovivich
09.15 – 16.30 Training Course in
4G for Sustainable Good Laboratories

  • Accidents & Activities
  • Chemical Handling & Storage
  • Electrical Safety
  • Eye & Face Protection
  • Biological & Animal Hazards
  • Safety Program Planning
  • Biosafety guidelines and regulations
  • Biotechnology and cell biology
  • Containment equipment
  • Decontamination & Waste disposal

10.30 – 10.45 Coffee Break
12.00 – 13.00 Lunch
14.30 – 14.45 Coffee Break

Registration Fee

Before 15 August 2018 4,500 Baht/person
After 15 August 2018 4,900 Baht/person


  1. Application more than 1 person from the same working place (and apply at the same time) will get discount of 500 Baht/person accordingly.
  2. All the payments will be given the receipt of the Foundation and will be printed as its supporters in the 2019 Annual Report of the Foundation.

*** Registration and get more information ***
Fill up the attached Registration Form with payment document send to Dr. Phichai Tovivich Fax. 02 159 9780 or E-mail:

Get more information:

  • Dr.Phichai Tovivich Mobile Phone: 081 901 2903
  • Khun Joy Tel. 02 159 9777 – 79 ext.106, 086 395 5919


1. Emeritus Professor Dr.Phichai Tovivich
Proficiency in Laboratory Safety, he is one of the Editor of Handbook on “Chemical Safety”, which has been published 4 times and being used in most laboratories in Thailand. He created the course compulsory on “Chemical Safety” for undergraduate students of the Chemistry Department, Chulalongkorn University, during working as one of its staff members. He was the Head of the Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University and the Executive Secretary of UNESCO Regional Network for the Chemistry of Natural Products in Southeast Asia. He has been organizing public seminars and training courses on Laboratory Safety and related topics for more than
20 years after he set up the Neolab International Co., Ltd.; the Safe Laboratory Maker, in order to increase the knowledge on how the build a safe laboratory since most of the laboratories in Thailand were not safe. He is proud to be one of the pioneers in campaigning safe laboratories in Thailand, in order to comply with international standards. He is pleased to learn that many Government Agencies have been issuing rules and regulations for laboratories even if their implementations have not been so long. His wish is to assist all laboratories in Thailand to be safe for their operations, therefore he founded the “Laboratory Safety Foundation” in which he is its first and present President, in order to provide practical knowledge in laboratory safety

2. Dr. James A. Kaufman
He is the founder and President/CEO of “The Laboratory Safety Institute” (LSI) – an international, non-profit institute (USA) for safety in sciences and science education. Dr. Kaufman has been called “the nation’s foremost authority on safety instruction in the laboratory” and become an expert witness in courts on the case relating to laboratory accidents. He is the author-narrator of the American Chemical Society (ACS) Audio Course on Laboratory Safety and editor of “Waste Disposal at Academic Institutions” from Lewis Publishers. He recorded and edited several Laboratory Safety Audio Courses. He was also appointed chair of the Safety In Science Education Committee of the International Council of Associations for Science Education (ICASE). Please see more information about LSI in

3. Dr. Prapaipit C. Ternai
She has been assessing and designing more than 100 laboratory facilities for over 20 years. She is “the most well-known laboratory safety designer” in Thailand. With Ph.D. in Chemistry, she has an extensive knowledge in chemical and microbiological hazards. She successfully designed several scientific laboratories in Thailand, always with safety and laboratory standards in mind, for universities, research institutes and many types of private industries. She has been invited to lecture on laboratory design for several private and government sectors, including international organizations such as the Laboratory Safety Institute (LSI) from USA, The World Conference on Safety in Science, Industry and Education in Malaysia, and in Canada etc.

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