Population Aging Matters

Nowadays, 13% of global population are above 60 years old. WHO projected that over 65-year-old populations around the world will increase to 1 billion – 1 in every 8 of the earth’s inhabitants. Significantly, the most rapid increases in the 65-and-older population are occurring in developing countries. Some governments have begun to plan for the long term, but most have not. NDCs are becoming a growing burden. Chronic non-communicable diseases are now the major cause of death among older people in both more developed and less developed countries.


That is why the scientific researchers are very important on development of pharmaceutical, medical devices and medical services are very important. Technology can have a positive impact on the living environments and routine life activities of older adults.


Let’s see how the scientific instrument eases the researchers and learn more on useful seminars about the cutting-edge technology including international regulations in Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL 2017 at BITEC, Bangkok.

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