Fortifying the World

Fortifying the World
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Food fortification has evolved tremendously over the years and has now expanded to include a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, and proteins intended to maintain and improve one’s health beyond basic nutritional needs. Do you remember diseases such as goiter, rickets, beriberi, and pellagra were once common health problems back in the early 20th century?

In this century, busy world, and pollution influenced the nutrient deficiencies. These deficiencies not only affect an individual’s long term health but can also raise societal and public health care costs and potentially depress a nation’s economic productivity.

The solution of nutrient deficiency by food manufacturers is to fortify the food products to meet basis requirement of the body and to specific purposes especially on brain health, skin, intestine and immunological system. But how much is too much?

In Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL 2016, there is a must-attend workshop, “Fortifying the World” hosted by KU-FIRST and supported by FoSTAT and THAIST (Food Innopolis Academy 2016).

To strengthen food security for 7,000 million world population, please learn nutritional aspects, trend, dietary, regulations, R&D and analysis by international specialists at LAB Theater on September 23. Reserve your seat at

Source: FAO/WHO, INNOLAB magazine

Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL 2016 will take place on September 21-23, 2016 at BITEC, EH 101-102, Bangkok.
The update activities and pre-registration are available at

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