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Ion Chromatography – Metrohm Siam

New titration system for the modern laboratory: faster analysis, safer chemical handling, new software, more automation

Ion Chromatography

Electrochemical solution

Spectroscopy Solutions

Metrohm Process Analytics: Pioneers in Process Analysis

3 in 1 Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer- Omega Scientific

3 in 1 Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer
Enhanced Real View® functions
DSC measurement is standard, able to Cp test in wide temp. range
Furnaces are exchangeable

Fully Automate TDF, Fiber, Fat Analyzer
Ankom Technology. Leader in the world, Provide fully automate analyzer for Fiber, Fat, Total Dietary Fiber.
Highest sample capacity
Lowest cost of analysis

New MT-B Series Digital Imaging System – Meiji Techno

New MT-B Series Digital Imaging System provides higher work efficiency by easy operation in your laboratory.

Inverted Biological Microscope TC5400L and TC5600CL is useful in the field of biology including tissue culture and IVF application.

MT6300CL model is good instrument for your routine work in the filed of cytology and immunology.
The simple white LED light provides the intense, broad-spectrum LED illumination for imaging most popular fluorochromes.



– The internal material is ceramic, resistant to chemicals and high heat.
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– Get the old FUME HOOD turn for 50000 baht.
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Labquip (Thailand) Limited.


Ecosafe Asia Ltd.

Ecosafe Asia Ltd.


HI932 Advanced automatic Titrator – Hanna Instruments

HI932 Advanced automatic Titrator is the answer to your advanced titration needs. Fully customizable to meet your testing needs, the HI932 delivers accurate results and intuitive user experience, all in a compact package.

HI 801 Iris is a sleek and intuitive spectrophotometer that allows for measurement of all wavelengths of visible light. Iris can test a wide variety of analytical measurements and is capable of measuring in a spectral range of 340 nm to 900 nm.

HI 98198 Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter makes measuring the concentration of dissolved oxygen hassle-free. Optical DO technology doesn’t require a minimum flow rate, so there is less drift in your reading. Perfect for the field or for the laboratory.

HI 5222 is an advanced research grade dual channel benchtop pH/ISE/mV meter that is completely customizable with a large color LCD, capacitive touch keys, and USB port for computer connectivity.

HI 83399 is a compact, multiparameter photometer for measuring key water and wastewater quality parameters. The meter is one of the most advanced photometers available with a innovative optical design that utilizes a reference detector.

Laboratory fume hoods – Esco Lifesciences

Laboratory fume hoods are essential devices used to protect personnel against exposure to hazardous chemicals and gases. Esco Frontier® MonoTM fume hoods are primary containment apparatus that protects workers effectively from noxious fumes and vapors.