BIO-RAD – Vibrio PCR

For food testing laboratories in the seafood industry and service laboratories that require a fast and accurate method to reliably detect the three main Vibrio species, the Bio-Rad Vibrio PCR solution provides a way to rethink Vibrio testing by providing an advanced, easy-to-use, and automated multiplex PCR method, offering food scientists confidence in their results.

Density Meter DMA Generation M

Density Meter DMATM Generation M density meters measure the density and concentration of liquids and gases. They provide preset measuring methods and integrated conversion tables for many applications.

FillingCheckTM automatically detects filling errors and gas bubbles in the sample while U-ViewTM documents the incident. The 10.4” screen with state-of-the-art PCAP touchscreen provides a unique user experience.


Burkle – Variety of Lab Equipment

Burkle develops, manufactures and distributes samplers, sampling systems and accessories for samplers, filling machines, drum pumps and submersible pumps for aggressive and dangerous liquids such as acids, alkalis and solvents, as well as a variety of lab equipment and apparatus made of plastic.

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