Dr. Mingyue Ding

Dr. Ding engaged in long time the research work on biomass resources converting to clean liquid fuels such as alcohols and hydrocarbons by thermal chemical methods. The new method of coupling pulsed discharge and super-adiabatic reforming was built forward, pyrolysis modulation mechanism of methane and tar was revealed, and biomass raw gas reforming to high-valued syngas was realized.

One-step synthesis technology and catalytic systems on Fischer-Tropsch synthesis were developed, and 1000 tons/year biomass converting to oxygenated liquid fuels integration system was built. Dr. Ding have presided 13 research projects (including 2 natural science foundation of china, 1 “973” sub-project, 1 “863” sub-project and 3 science and technology projects of Guangdong province) in this five years, and obtained the support of over 10 million funding.

Over 80 academic papers have been published with regarding to above research, in which 42 academic papers have been published as the first author. 13 invention patents have been applied (including 11 invention patents applied as the first author). The honor of “Luojia distinguished professor” of Wuhan University has been obtained in 2015.

He will present about “Biomass catalytic pyrolysis and oligomerization for producing high-quality transport fuel” in 5th BIC 2017, Conference Room 2, BITEC during 6-8 September, Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL 2017

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